Student Concerts

For our regular students here at Encore Music we put on at least two annual performances a year. The first one comes during the Winter and then another one in  Summer. These performance opportunities are open to any students taking lessons with us and students will work along with their teacher for weeks or even months getting ready to perform. The different events can range from formal to very laid back environments and everyone is encouraged to participate. This is where music comes alive! Students can range from 3 months experience all the way up to years of playing and it's their chance to show off their skills on stage in front of all their family, friends, and peers!
Upcoming Performance!

Feb 5,6 at The Windjammer on Isle of Palms

Our first Student Concert of 2016 is coming up February 5th and 6th and we're gearing up for a great show! Everyone is encouraged to discuss with their teacher if they want to perform with us and have a great time. This is a super laid back event and a lot of fun so even if you've never played on stage before this is a great chance to get your feet wet and discover how music comes alive when playing together with other musicians!